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Welcome to the Crawley Town Twinning Association. - WHAT IS TOWN TWINNING? Town Twinning exists to promote friendship between people of different countries through personal and cultural links. Every year a group from Crawley visits Dorsten or a group from Dorsten comes to Crawley. We pay our own travel expenses but when in Germany we stay with a German family as non paying guests and visits are arranged to places of interest in the neighbourhood. The following year we act as hosts to our German guests.

It is also normal to arrange a youth programme for teenagers so that they can enjoy their own activities and experience life in a different country and enjoy new experiences. Exchanges can also be arranged between clubs and societies such as sports clubs, choirs or orchestras. The Crawley – Dorsten link has been in existence for 33 years and many strongfriendships have been built up during this time.

INTERESTED? Membership is open to Families, Individuals, Clubs and Societies.You do not have to speak German but there is the opportunity to do so if you wish. For more information please contact the membership secretary Michael James Telephone: 01293 532699


Petrinum-SchĂĽler nach dem Praktikum in Crawley: Eine tolle Erfahrung (created on 24.02.2024 by DZ Michael Klein 24.02.2024)

Das Manor Green College in Crawley hatte Besuch aus Dorsten: Schülerinnen undSchüler des Petrinums haben dort ein „preisgekröntes“ Praktikum absolviert.

At least four birds with one stone were hit by eight students of Dorsten's Petrinum at the end of January/beginning of February with a visit to the British partner city Crawl...

CTTA Newsletter Januar 2024 (created on 20.01.2024 by Peter Klin)

Dear Members and Friends,
Welcome to the January 2024 edition of the CTTA Newsletter.
Since the last September 2023 Newsletter issue I would like to report as follows:

CTTA Chairman Iain Millar is leaving his post.
With regrets and after 17 years of holding the CTTA chairman’s position Iain Millar has de...

Christmas Letter - 50 Years of Partnership between Dorsten and Crawley (created on 18.12.2023 by Brigitte P)

In the jubilee year of 2023, various activities finally took place, and the 50th anniversary of the partnership was celebrated with the English guests from Crawley.

The "Big Group" from Crawley visited their German friends in Dorsten from July 31 to August 5. For this special occasion, a diverse program was put together. On Monday, M...

Tobias Stockhoff and Monika Heisterklaus: Wedding of the Year in Dorsten (created on 12.10.2023 by DZ Michale Klein)

It was probably the wedding of the year in Dorsten when Mayor Tobias Stockhoff and Monika Heisterklaus got married in a church ceremony in Wulfen on the past Saturday, September 30th. Hundreds of people were invited or simply wanted to be there on this special day to congratulate them. Two days later, on Monday evening, the couple finally found the...


CTTA Newsletter September 2023 Issue (created on 04.10.2023 by Peter Klin)

Foreword by the editor Peter Klin 1
MGV-Oberhausen Gasometer exhibition - By Di Sullivan 2
My first trip to Dorsten - by Emma Jones 3
Like a match on a dating app: 50 years of friendship with Crawley. (DZ) 4
Town twinning with Crawley: Marita Kipinski was honoured in a special way 5&6
Photos from post CTTA MGV Gar...

Towntwinning with Crawley: Marita Kipinski was honored in a special way. (created on 09.08.2023 by Dorstener Zeitung)

Dorsten: The 50-year city partnership with Crawley from England was celebrated in style. Chairwoman Marita Kipinski received a special surprise. The Dorsten-Crawley Friends Association had invited everyone to the Treffpunkt Altstadt on Friday evening (August 4) to mark the 50th anniversary. The guests from Crawley were accompanied by their hosts,...


English phone booth at the hospital was officially inaugurated (created on 09.08.2023 by Dorstener Zeitung)

Dorsten: The English telephone booth "Jubilee" has now been officially inaugurated in front of the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Dorsten. Coincidentally, a well-known football world champion was present. For 50 years, the friendship between Dorsten and Crawley has endured. On the occasion of this special anniversary of the city partnership, the teleph...


Like a match on a dating app: 50 years of friendship with Crawley. (created on 21.07.2023 by Petra Berkenbusch DZ)

The friendship between Dorsten and Crawley has been going on for 50 years. A good reason for a big anniversary celebration with guests from both sides. After a difficult and ultimately failed relationship with EisenhĂĽttenstadt in the GDR, the southern English town of Crawley started looking for a West German partner city over 50 years ago. Aro...

Pättkestour: The Crawley Friends at Sonnenhof. (created on 27.06.2023 by Dorstener Zeitung)

Last weekend, the Crawley Friends Circle embarked on an exciting Pättkestour that started at the railway station to the Sonnenhof and ended with a cozy dinner. The participants gathered at the Dorsten train station, filled with anticipation for the upcoming adventure. Dieter took on the role of leading the way, ensuring that the group stayed on t...

June 2023 CTTANewsletter (created on 27.06.2023 by Peter Klin and chat cpg)

June 2023 CTTANewsletter Association Activities: CTTA resumes regular meetings
and activities after a long hiatus due to the pandemic restrictions. Main Group
Visit (MGV): Details and preparations for this year's MGV to Dorsten, originally
planned for 2020 but postponed twice, are being finalized. Dual Committe...

Ride-sharing opportunity - by Bus (created on 02.06.2023 by Marita Kipinski)

Ride-sharing opportunity for a short vacation in England. The travel costs include the ferry. Departure on July 30th from Dorsten for €50 Return journey on August 6th from Crawley for €50

Christmas Letter with a Reflection on the Year 2022 (created on 27.12.2022 by Brigitte)

Hier der Weihnachtsbrief! Alles Gute vom Vorstand

Newsletter Oktober 2022 (created on 27.12.2022 by Peter Klin)

1 Foreword by the editor By Peter Klin 2 2021 Review of the year By Iain Millar 3 Stammtisch by Zoom By Iain Millar 4 Henry Miller and Thomas Leahy remembered By Hilary Jones and Peter 5 Jubilee-Almost a miracle By Marita Kipinski, DZ (translated by PK) 6 CTTA BBQ 2021 By Iain Millar 7 Photos from Guy Fawkes Night in Dorsten November 8 CTTA Committ...

Exhibition Crawley Museum (created on 27.12.2022 by Iain Miller)

An exhibit has been set up by Crawley Town Twinning Association (CTTA) who will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2023. It consists of a display cabinet with some commemorative items and souvenirs from Crawley’s twin town of Dorsten, in Germany, together with a large notice board full of with pictures & information. Founded in 1973, the CT...

Warren Mailley-Smith - The concert at the Marienkirche was magnificent (created on 02.10.2022 by DZ Sabine Bornemann)

This concert was organized by Marita Kipinski, the chairperson of the Crawley Friendship Circle. Warren Mailley-Smith, born in Crawley but currently residing in London, was the featured performer. Even as a young boy, he captivated audiences and was hailed as a prodigy during his visits to Dorsten with the Kolkmeyer couple, Karl-August and Birgit. ...

Grief for Pastor Krenz-Kaynak (created on 02.10.2022 by Marita Kipinski und Ev. Kirche)

The Dorsten-Crawley Friendship Circle mourns the loss of Pastor Birgit Krenz-Kaynak, who passed away on September 29th after a long and serious illness. She was deeply connected to the Friendship Circle, and her beautifully designed bilingual church services will remain in our memories. We wish her eternal rest and offer comfort and strength to he...

Queen Elisabeth II has passed away (created on 12.09.2022 by DZ Diebecker)

Dorsten. The mourning for Queen Elizabeth II. is also profound in Dorsten. Flags are flying at half-mast, and the mayor is offering condolences. Dorsten residents can also express their personal words of sympathy. With great sorrow, many Dorsten residents, including Mayor Tobias Stockhoff, have received the news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth I...

The Crawley Friendship Circle in Dorsten mourns the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. (created on 13.09.2022 by DZ-jp)

Marita Kipinski, the chairperson, shares a special connection with the British
monarch, as she explains. The whole world is grieving the death of Queen Elizabeth
II, who passed away on Thursday, September 8, at the age of 96. Dorsten is also in
mourning. On Friday, September 9, Marita Kipinski expresses her personal sorrow....

Newsletter Januar 2022 (created on 11.01.2022 by Peter Klin)

Foreword by the editor By Peter Klin 2021 Review of the year By Iain Millar Stammtisch by Zoom By Iain Millar Henry Miller and Thomas Leahy remembered By Hilary Jones and Peter Jubilee-Almost a miracle By Marita Kipinski, DZ (translated by PK) CTTA BBQ 2021 By Iain Millar Photos from Guy Fawkes Night in Dorsten November 2021 CTTA Committee Members...

Christmas Letter with a Reflection on the Year 2021 (created on 30.12.2021 by Brigitte und Klaus)

Also in 2021, due to the Corona situation, there was only a limited program. The visit of the English group to Dorsten and the joint board meeting in Crawley were canceled. It was nice that the monthly get-together at the Wacholderhäuschen could take place several times, preferably in the garden during the summer months. In addition, the virtual g...

Jubilee - Almost a Miracle! (created on 29.12.2021 by Marita Kipinski DZ)

Dear Readers, Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jubilee, and I am an original English telephone booth. I came into existence in the year 1936. You might wonder why my father, Giles Gilbert Scott, gave me the name Jubilee. Well, the answer is quite obvious. The Silver Jubilee of His Majesty King George V had brought immense joy to the entire...

Crawley councillor and former mayor Raj Sharma has died (created on 14.01.2021 by Karen Dunn - Observer DZ Micha)

The Corona situation on the British Isles is dramatic. In Dorsten's partner
town Crawley, one of the most well-known residents has passed away in
connection with a COVID-19 infection. Dorsten's British partner town Crawley
mourns the loss of their former mayor. Raj Sharma passed away on Tuesday,
January 12, after a ...

Radio Vest - Interview about BREXIT with Marita Kipinski (created on 17.01.2021 by Radia Vest - Marita)

Brexit has been implemented. 2021 is becoming serious. The Chairwoman of the
Friendship Association Dorsten - Crawley is "not very amused". Listen for
yourself to the interview with Radio Vest
after Brexit
. Hören Sie selbst! href="https://www.fakewatchesaustralia.com/">...

Christmas Letter with a Reflection on the Year 2020 (created on 24.12.2020 by Brigitte P. und Klaus D.)

Here you will find a variety of activities organized by the friendship
association that took place in 2020 despite the challenging conditions. We
hope that the year 2021 will continue in a better way. The virus and the
separation of England from the European Union certainly do not make things
easier. The friendshi...

Freiheit in English: BREXIT (created on 27.10.2020 by DZ Niklas Berkel)

Freedom is the major theme of the town twinning between Dorsten and Crawley.
But how long will this freedom last? Dorsten/Crawley. Freedom. It also means
being able to form friendships across borders. For many decades, this has been
a strong tradition in Dorsten. Through the town twinning with the English town
of Cr...

The popular red telephone booth from the pedestrian zone has found a new home. (created on 17.10.2020 by DZ Michael Klein)

For a long time, the red original telephone booth from England was a popular
eye-catcher in the pedestrian zone of Dorsten. It has since been renovated and
found a new home. For decades, the red telephone booth was a beloved focal
point in Dorsten's pedestrian zone. However, vandals eventually caused damage
to the p...

Newsletter Issue No 84 (created on 17.10.2020 by Peter Klin)

Newsletter 2020 with interesting articles for the autumn

Virtual Meeting of Partner Cities - Opening of Historical Station for City Partnerships (created on 15.10.2020 by DZ und Peter GĂĽnther)

Dorsten. On German Unity Day (October 3), there was a virtual meeting of Dorsten's eight partner cities with the Mayor of Dorsten to inaugurate the new history station. Tobias Stockhoff greeted all partner cities in their respective languages at the beginning of the event. English, French, and Spanish were easy for him. High German was used instead...


The regulars of the "Last Orders" Stammtisch are willing to meet virtually in times of need. (created on 16.05.2020 by Marita Kipinski)

For exactly 8 weeks, the participants of the English regulars' table "Last Orders" hadn't been able to see each other, and they rightly feared that their English skills would gradually deteriorate. This is commonly known as withdrawal symptoms, and there is something you can do about it! So, under the technical leadership of Peter GĂĽnther and Geo...

Newsletter issue no 83 (created on 02.05.2020 by Peter Klin)

Foreword by the editor By Peter Klin Annual CTTA Dinner 2020 By Peter Klin Know your Committee By Moira Blackman MGV 2020 message to Dorsten by our young members Dr Howard Bloom Passes Away (article from Crawkey News24) Douglas Beeson passes away By Joan Newton Memories can last a lifetime By Keith Sullivan Elected CTTA Committee Members 2020/21 Me...

Annual General Meeting of the Freundeskreis Crawley e. V. (created on 17.03.2020 by Brigitte Poloszyk - DZ)

At this year's annual general meeting of the Freundeskreis Crawley e. V. (Crawley Friends Circle) held in the Wacholderhäuschen in early March 2020, the agenda included a review of 2019, a preview of 2020, and the election of a portion of the board members. The current board members are as follows: Marita Kipinski as the Chairwoman, Mechthild Rü...

How is the Freundeskreis (Friends Circle) responding to the crisis situation? (created on 15.03.2020 by Freundeskreis Crawley)

ZQuote by Armin Laschet, Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia: "But in times like these, you can do without a football match, a concert, or a visit to a club. Things that are not essential need to be postponed for a certain period of time." Many of our members belong to a high-risk group due to their age. Of course, each individual can and...

JahresrĂĽckblick und Weihnachtsbrief 2019 (created on 24.12.2019 by Klaus Dietrich)

JahresrĂĽckblick und Weihnachtsbrief 2019 Was ist in dem Jahr passiert und was planen wir fĂĽr das Jahr 2020

Dorstener Adventskalenders zum „Mittemachen“ (created on 14.12.2019 by Dorstener Zeitung )

Die Gäste des Freundeskreises Crawley Anlässlich des Dorstener Adventskalenders zum „Mittemachen“ hatte der Vorstand des Freundeskreises Crawley einen englischen Abend organisiert und den Saal festlich geschmückt. Nicht nur Mitglieder, sondern auch zahlreiche Besucher fanden sich im Wacholderhäuschen ein und waren gespannt auf die Engli...

Rechtzeitig vor dem BREXIT: Baum aus Crawley im BĂĽrgerpark Maria Lindenhof gepflanzt (created on 02.10.2019 by Paul Kahla - DZ)

Die Saison im Bürgerpark Maria Lindenhof ist beendet DORSTEN. Beim Saisonstart im Mai wurde für jeden Stadtteil und für sieben der acht Partnerstädte jeweils ein Apfelbaum gepflanzt. Am Sonntag war Crawley dran. Neben Vertretern aus Dorsten und der englischen Partnerstadt Crawley waren auch interessierte Bürger mit Regenschirmen ausgestatt...

Newsletter Issue 82 (created on 02.09.2019 by Peter Klin)

Foreword by the editor By Peter Klin Know your committee CTTA Annual Dinner 2019 Main Group Visit (MGV) Crawley 2019 MGV Hosts BBQ 17.08 Elected CTTA Committee Members 2018/19 Member Application Form and Information

Ehrenplatz für englische Telefonzelle (created on 29.06.2019 by DZ Stefan Diebäcker )

Geschenk aus Crawley soll restauriert werden. Geld durch Online-Voting? Von Stefan Diebäcker Dorsten. Einst war die rote Telefonzelle Blickfang in der Dorstener Fußgängerzone. Jetzt liegt sie ramponiert auf dem Bauhof. Doch es gibt große Pläne – und ein Online-Voting, um Geld zu bekommen. Das Geschenk der britischen Partnerstadt...

Saison im BĂĽrgerpark gestartet (created on 29.05.2019 by DZ Foto Christian Gruber)

DORSTEN. Der Saisonstart konnte sich sehen lassen: Im Bürgerpark Maria Lindenhof legten sich alle Beteiligten trotz des wechselhaften Wetters ins Zeug. Von Paul Kahla Wo sich vor vielen Jahren ein Abenteuerspielplatz befand, stecken nun 18 frisch gepflanzte Apfelbäume in der Erde. Elf von ihnen sind den Dorstener Stadtteilen, weitere siebe...

So reagieren Briten in Dorsten auf das Brexit-Chaos (created on 02.02.2019 by DZ Jennifer Uhlenbruch - Foto )

DORSTEN. Das Brexit-Chaos beherrscht die ĂĽberregionale Berichterstattung. Auch viele Briten in Dorsten verfolgen die Entwicklung in ihrem Heimatland gespannt. Und viele ziehen die gleiche Konsequenz. In Dorsten sind derzeit 106 Briten gemeldet, die nur die britische StaatsbĂĽrgerschaft haben. Seit 2015 haben 26 Briten einen Antrag auf EinbĂ...

Die strampelnden Spender (created on 02.02.2019 by DZ - Foto Stadt Dorsten)

Die Partnerstadt-Radtour von Bürgermeister Tobias Stockhoff nach Newtownabbey in Nordirland im vergangenen Jahr war verbunden mit einem Spendenaufruf für die Mobilen Jugendhilfen in Dorsten. Gemeinsam mit Reisebegleitern und den Sponsoren der Tour konnte Stockhoff nun den Erlös der Aktion übergeben: 2400 Euro kamen zusammen, jeweils 600 Eur...

CTTA Newsletter Issue 81 (created on 25.01.2019 by Peter Klin)

Foreword by the editor By Peter Klin Twinkling Thames Waverley By Iain Millar My week
in Dorsten, Germany By Max Green aged 8 CTTA Annual Dinner Invitation href="https://www.orologireplica.org/">orologi replica and Menu Newly elected
CTTA Committee Members 2018/19 Member Application Form and Information

JahresrĂĽckblick und Weihnachtsbrief 2018 (created on 24.12.2018 by Brigitte Poloszyk und Klaus Di)

JahresrĂĽckblick und Weihnachtsbrief 2018 Was ist in dem Jahr passiert und was planen wir fĂĽr das Jahr 2019

Brexit: Dorstener Freundeskreis macht sich Sorgen um Städtepartnerschaft (created on 26.12.2018 by Radio Vest)

Die britische Premierministerin Theresa May konnte den Aufstand ihrer eigenen Partei erst einmal abwenden: Sie hat das Misstrauensvotum überstanden und kann damit weitermachen als Parteichefin und Premier. Beitrag vom 20.01.2019 Beitrag vom 13.12.2018 [more]

CTTA Newsletter Issue 80 (created on 09.10.2018 by Peter Klin)

Foreword by the editor By Peter Klin Social Event—Dogs in Hove By Peter Klin Main Groupn Visit Experience By Bob and June Fielden Georg Ekrath’s 60th Celebration By Keith Sullivan & Iain Millar MGV The Happy Town– Twinning Wanderers By Dave Hathaway My visit to Dorsten, Germany By Chloe Green Two articles from German local press CTTA-Membe...

BĂĽrgermeister-Radtour nach Newtownabbey in Nordirland (created on 19.08.2018 by DZ - TS und MK)

Spannende Reise in die nordirische Partnerstadt vom 24. Juli bis 3. August Die sommerlichen Bürgermeister-Radtouren in die Partnerstädte sind schon fast Tradition. Newtownabbey in Nordirland ist in diesem Jahr das Ziel. Am Dienstag startete Bürgermeister Tobias Stockhoff mit einer Gruppe auf die elftägige Reise. Die Fahrt ist wied...


Freundeskreis Crawley - Wir machen MIT(te)! - war beim Sternlauf in Dorsten am 1. Juli dabei (created on 09.07.2018 by GĂĽnther - Ralph und DZ)

The Crawley Friendship Circle began its journey - where else! - on CrawleystraĂźe (town crest) and took a leisurely stroll of a whopping 1200 meters. "Our route is especially suitable for families with children and people with disabilities," says Ilse Sonneborn from the Friendship Circle. All fellow citizens - even those with no connection to Craw...


CTTA NEWSLETTER- Easter EDITION - Issue No 79 (created on 01.04.2018 by Peter Klin)

1 Foreword by the editor By Peter Klin 3 RH10 Uncovered—Article 2018 By Iain Millar 4 Social Event “Dogs in Hove” By Tom Leahy 5 Social Event “Twinkling Thames” Evening Cruise By Iain Millar 6 Member Application Form & Information


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